Matt Hill

co-founder & ceo

Passionate leader by example with 12 years experience building products, teams, and companies. Matt is the founder and developer of WorkBlast, the co-creator of Borker, and the co-architect and former CTO of SALT Lending.

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Keagan McClelland

co-founder & director of technology

Keagan has a decade of software development experience with expertise in cryptography, software security, formal methods, open-blockchain technology, and functional programming. His experience runs the gambit from large projects at the Department of Defense and Amazon, as well as small startups like Ionic Security and SALT Lending.

Aaron Greenspan

co-founder & lead front end developer

Aaron's interest in blockchain technology stems from his penchant for mathematical rigor. A multiple graduate degree mathematician, Aaron takes to those problems in software development which rest on rich theoretical underpinnings. Interested too in all sides of a question, Aaron is comfortable and content working in a whole variety of languages and programming paradigms; from object-oriented to pure functional and all the type systems in between.

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Aiden McClelland

co-founder & lead developer

Aiden is an expert developer with over a decade of experience building software applications from scratch. Aiden specializes in security, blockchain-based technologies, and performance tuning in low resource environments. Aiden possesses a highly-advanced understanding of computer science and is skilled across an incredible spectrum of languages, frameworks, and technologies.

Lucy Cifferello


Having studied cognition and behavior, the processes of art, concepts of design, and the language of code, Lucy crafts with fused intent. Her background in psychology lends to a multidisciplinary approach to solving problems in both the logical and experiential realms, and this adeptness is expressed in her ability to maneuver across the development stack.

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