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Tales from the Crypt
tales from the crypt
Matt Hill

Join Marty as he sits down with Matt Hill, co-founder and CEO of Start9 Labs, to discuss: Founding Start9 Labs - The Embassy - Routing around Apple's App Store - Why personal hardware is an imperative moving forward - Self-sovereign surveillance - Making all of this easy

Stephan Livera podcast
stephan livera
Sovereign Personal Computing with Embassy

Embassy: Sovereign Personal Computing, Privacy, Bitcoin & Lightning with Matt Hill & Aiden McClelland

Bitcoin Audible podcast
bitcoin audible
Sovereignty in a Box

Are we on the verge of a new revolution in personal computing? Matt Hill and the team at Start9Labs believes we are, and are helping to build our path through it to a brighter future.

BitBlockBoom talk
bit block boom
Computing and Bitcoin

Matt Hill discusses the importance of building decentralized computing infrastructure and provides a glimpse of the future of personal computing.

what bitcoin did logo
what bitcoin did
The Bitcoin Cypherpunk Box with Matt Hill & Aaron Greenspan — What Bitcoin Did

In this interview, I talk to Matt and Aaron from Start9. We discuss the growing demand for a private internet, retaining control of personal data, encryption and why bitcoin is fundamental to all of this.

bitcoin magazine
How to Set Up the START9 Embassy Personal Server With the Fully Noded App

This Bitcoin Magazine breakdown video is all about the Start9 Embassy. The Embassy is a radical, uncompromising, plug-and-play private server, offering one-c...
Get Off the Cloud With Start9's Private Internet Kit - CoinDesk

Start9 Labs’ privacy-focused Embassy server, housed in a Raspberry Pi, sets up its own private internet network and comes with its own operating system.

tangents podcast
Matt Hill and Keagan McClelland | Tangents from Coin Center

Peter Van Valkenburgh interviews Matt Hill and Keagan McClelland about self-sovereign technology.

crypto cousins
Matt Hill From Start 9 Labs

I had a great talk with Matt Hill as he explains their new personal server. Take a look at BITBLOCKBOOM Take a look at this great Bitc...