Adding Services

We are finalizing the OS infrastructure requirements to ensure a smooth process for developer contribution. This includes wrapping everything up into a software development kit for developing services on the Embassy OS platform.

If you are interested in developing a service, keep the following in mind:

Marketplace services need to provide a “service manifest” and a “config spec”, which the SDK will facilitate. The service manifest is for the store listing. The config spec is a detailed mapping of configuration options with acceptable values, defaults, and relational rule-sets. For example, if the user chooses config option A, then config option B must be between 5 and 10. That way, users can enjoy a simple GUI configuration experience, complete with validations and protections, and not have to worry about screwing up a .conf file in some unknown way.

The config spec will also denote any dependencies. Many services depend on other libraries and services on the Embassy (such as Bitcoin), sometimes even a particular version of those services, which need to be specified by the developers so that Embassy OS can handle installing these dependencies under the hood.

Check back soon for more details!